View space views of the moon’s shadow on Earth during today’s solar eclipse

The GOA-East satellite of NOAA saw the moon’s shadow slip in South America during a total solar eclipse in December 2020.


A thin slice of South America was treated Total solar eclipse on Monday. Most people in the world were able to enjoy the action via livestream, but a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite got a very different view of the incident.

whereas Humans were looking at the sun (Using solar safety precautions), the fart-east satellite placed its eyes on Earth and saw the moon’s shadow over the oceans and the land.

NOAA satellites’ Twitter account shared an eclipse GIF. It is a spectacular swirl of blue water, brown and green land, white clouds and dark shadows in motion.

The satellite images highlight the number of clouds in the field of view, meaning that not everyone got to the event very clearly. “It was mainly visible from Earth in parts of South America, but Goes East saw the moon’s shadow reverberating across the Earth,” NOAA wrote.

You can catch some more traditional footage of Eclipse Some earthly creatures recur from Monday. You must do this last. The next total solar eclipse – which will be visible in Antarctica – will not come together until December 2021.

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