Today's price of gold (20/11) rose slightly when the dollar was weak

On the world market, $ 1,224.16 had a flat price at a level of 5m (Vietnam time); Gold dropped for delivery December 0.05% to $ 1,224.7 units.

This year's 2011 gold edition of US decimalsThe price of gold today (17/11) lasted for the third day after each other, the world's gold price fell by 1% when the dollar fell rapidly
This year's 2011 gold edition of US decimalsToday's gold prices (16/11) and maintenance increase slightly higher
This year's 2011 gold edition of US decimals

The price of gold was flat at a flat at 1,224.16 USD / ounce at 5pm (Vietnam time); Gold dropped for delivery December 0.05% to $ 1,224.7 units.

World gold prices rise slightly on Monday when the dollar was weakened, but still changing in a narrow range, investors often do not take any steps before Monday Thanksgiving Day . Year (22/11).

The dollar hit two weeks low Monday due to the importance of the conservation ideas of the Finance Department's officials about the US economy, to be near the end of a crucial policy round. The weaker dollar can make gold cheaper for people who use other money.

"There are too many opposed objections to whether the Scheduled Reserve will implement neutral or emerging levels of neutralization in the short term," said David Song, an analyst at DailyFX. Identify. "The market is waiting to find out more about the chance to raise interest rates in December 2018 as well as what is expected in 2019. Gold is moving in this environment. "

Low measurement is expected to thank Thanksgiving.

"I think gold will cost around $ 1,220 per unit this week. There is not much market information," said Phil Streible, RJO Futures's regional leader in Chicago. "We expect the Fingal to have an interest in the December meeting. It is likely that this will stop gold prices from breaking through the new roofs."

High-interest rates will allow the attractiveness of gold, assets that are not liable and expensive for stock.

The Gold Tower, the SPDR Gold Trust, the world's largest gold ETF fell 0.2 per cent to a week on Friday.

Palladium fell 1.4 per cent to $ 1,160.70, after hitting $ 1,185.40 in the previous session.

Silver and platinum prices were up 0.2% and 0.8%, respectively, to $ 14.43 an ounce and $ 853.5 per one.

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