"Crazy car" moved the clip to the waters of many people who were severely injured

Many days ago, on the Facebook social network that a "crazy car" clip was suddenly getting involved quickly and many people are on the way.

The magnificent car went down on the road with the water.

Clown recording of the accident is very heavy in the town of Phu Thu, Tay Mo Ward (Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi).

So long as they were traveling on the road, the car quickly swam, hit the person who was on the road, walk on the road.

Without stopping, his car kept off and down; go into the water shop and a motor was built nearby.

Speaking to a spokesman, Song Mo's people's chief executive said the accident crashed on 13/11. The accident left 3 injured people.

The purpose of the research is explored, clarified.

T. Nam

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