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Run up to & # 39; Registration fee, people are sheared for a & # 39; buy a herring truck - 1

Pick vehicles only one month before its registration fee rises from 2% to 6%

At Ford's long-term salesmen in Long Long, Hanoi, the number of Ford Ranger Rangers ran for the two weeks (2-3 / 3) to over 7 units, and in the previous months, Altitude only 1 unit / day. no 3-4 days for sale.

Other car traders are also the same scene, car traders on Au Co Street, Tay Ho, Hanoi have received many orders, customer queries about the date of the car and the registration method. car.

Indeed, the dealers have recognized the tax increase for past tourists, so in 2018, the number of pipe products introduced and eaten in Vietnam is very limited , only 50% reaching compared to previous years.

Sellers, car owners know whether to increase the cost of the pickup truck but they do not know exactly what the agreed policies are, these vehicles have recently been moderately reduced.

"All of the trucks are imported to 100%, so the balance must be balanced, if we do not miss it, we got information about tax charging from 2017 – 2018 and officially when the draft Ministry of Finance issued the draft mandate 20, car dealers are familiar with increasing registration fees and initiating business plans, "said vendors of equipment.

At another car buyer on Nguyen Street Van Cu, Long Bien, Hanoi, the agent said he was actively ordered, prioritizing Canadian pick-up drugs to meet the demand for more purchases. event before the time of registry fee expires.

According to the VAMA report, truck trucks did not sell in 2018 low due to the choice of large users of their homelessness; They now enjoy great big models. In addition, the modules and modules get more and more, with prices ranging from 600 to 900 million VND, those who need to choose a sedan, attractive SUV or multi-purpose urban model chosen.

In areas, areas, where market markets have a wide and convenient marketplace, demand for truck pickup is still good.

According to Mr Pham Van Hung, a car trader in Ho Chi Minh City. Hai Duong, the demand for buying accommodation in the department for a number of years is more likely to be the conditions that are suited to people's budget and multi-use. From the time of its official fees Increasing information, traders have commercially planned and made immediate advances.

"Official sales figures are not yet available but this week we will increase the truck pickup because the upgrade of each vehicle is 30 to 60 million VND. Fortunately in their plans. No, the Special Output Tax with this car has changed, it is still at 15-25% and so it's easier to take the breath, "said Hung.

Also, according to the owner, most of the buttons are included, and sellers usually tend to; Some are selling limited because the demand for sale is not too much. Increase the rate of registration fees, it is harder for tourists to be able to; Competitions with the best SUV models that you enjoy, but & # 39; This is a car with a separate and distinct client section.

Mr Vu Tuan Minh, from Kinh Mon, Hai Duong, a car maker, said: I hope that the increase in its cost on consumer shoulders will not increase because each vehicle has increased by 30 to 60 million dong, Users make a big Comment for demand.

"I hope to build prices only due to registration fees but there are no other prices due to a shortage of cars or accommodation, which has been the case for the" hot "models of the market . " Distribution.

Linh Linh

Run up to & # 39; Registration fee, people are sheared for a & # 39; Buying Herring Messages - 2

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