Vienna and Singapore Stock Exchanges Embrace Bitcoin and Ethereum

The Vienna Stock Exchange, or Wiener Borsay, has become just the third “official regulated market” worldwide to list a bitcoin (BTC) product.

The exchange listed AG’s bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded products (ETP), ‘ABTC’ and ‘AETH’ on 21 September.

Thomas Rainer, Wiener Borsey’s head of development, stressed that the listing allows “experienced, local investors” to access the benefits that a stock market can offer to crypto traders, including “monitored, regulated and de facto Transparent trade is included with time information and secure trading. ” Settlement through their regular brokers. ”

21Shares chief executive, Hany Rashwan, highlighted that the listing of Wiener Borsay meant that bitcoin ETPs are now available for all three ‘DACH’ nations – Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“We are pleased to state that bitcoin is now available everywhere for retail as well as institutional investors throughout the DACH region.”

He said: “Outside the DACH region, no other jurisdiction globally provides such wide and adequate access to bitcoin”

In July, 21 shares of Ethereum and Bitcoin ETP were admitted to listing on Deutsche Burs’ XETRA reference market, which hosts over 90% of German stock trades and around 30% of European ETFs trading. In less than two years of operation, 21Shares has attracted more than $ 100 million in assets under management.

In another boost to the institutional adoption of cryptocurrency, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) announced that it would list price indexes for bitcoin and Ethereum in partnership with UK-based crypto data firm Cryptocurrency.

While the index does not enable SGX users to trade cryptocurrencies, the price feed can be used by other Singaporean firms to track real-time value fluctuations of crypto assets from a trusted source such as BTC or Let’s try to launch ETH products.

“With the rapid growth towards digitization in the world’s creation and accumulation of wealth, digital assets are increasingly being adopted by investors,” said Simon Karban, SGX’s head of index services.