Videos of Taylor Swift’s Jingle Ball performance show that the new Taylor is fierce AF


On Friday, December 1, Taylor Swift returned to the stage at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in Inglewood, California. The videos of Swift's Jingle Ball 2017 performance show that old Taylor is not dead, but the new Taylor is more fierce than fans have ever seen him. The set of the singer includes old and new hits, and even surprised the crowd by hiding some tricks in their golden sleeves. There were dance movements, red lips and pbadion in abundance. The performances of Swift Reputation -are about to resume their own reputation of being crazy intense.

Swift has always been a fierce performer, but his character on stage was traditionally more accessible. Fans see Swift as his best friend who turns out to be a superstar. That has been his for a long time. Now, however, old Swift is moving into the background. She is still there, making mixtapes for fans and reblogging videos on Tumblr. But the New Taylor is the one who stormed the Jingle Ball stage in Inglewood and crushed him. The video "Shake It Off", in which the singer made fun of her own inability to dance, was only from 2014. Now, in 2017, she performs a complicated choreography in a festive festival. And honestly? Is incredible.

Old Taylor can not go to the phone right now … ? # iHeartJingleBall #TaylorSwift

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I can not believe that this is happening right now … @ taylorswift13 in #iHeartJingleBall! ???

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Swift has maximum confidence during this performance. She is tough and sensual; It's like watching a completely new pop star. The vibra that Swift cultivated before Reputation obviously came to stay. In her short time on stage, in a packed show like Jingle Ball, the performers have shortened set times, she sped up the crowd, presenting the audience to the New Taylor with a punch. His outfit was a discreet version of his disguise in the scene of the bank robbery "Look What You Made Me Do Do", and it seems much more comfortable than doing it with thigh high boots or high waist shorts as in other times. If you can balance a baggy minidress with a hood that vaguely resembles a snake skin, why not choose that with a tailored outfit and a ponytail? Or maybe it's a loose top and coordinating shorts? This casually rough Swift look adapts to his new image. It also makes it more surprising when he takes out a new choreography with his backup dancers.

Of course, it's not as if the Old Taylor simply evaporated overnight. She took out a guitar for an acoustic performance of "I do not want to live forever", her duet with Zayn Malik for the soundtrack 50 Shades Darker . He published beautiful Instagram stories to keep fans updated on his performance. Oh, and surprised the crowd by bringing in Ed Sheeran to share the stage with her to sing "End Game". The fans went crazy, appropriately. Congratulations to the girl in the audience who already has the Sheeran rap memorized!

MOMENT OF THE NIGHT! @EdSheeran joins @ TaylorSwift13 in #iHeartJingleBall for the presentation of "End Game".

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I do not want to live … foreverrrrr! This is for you @zaynmalik … I wish you were here! #iHeartJingleBall

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Swift can lean towards the "snake" thing all he wants; she is still the singer and performer that her fans have always adored. Even in a media landscape where the press seeks to crucify her for everything she says and does, and even if her relentless obsession with Swift led her directly to changing her name as the New Taylor, the Old Taylor is still on the surface. He still has a lot of talent and obviously has fun when he shows up. Swift is undeniably fun to watch, even for those who have not kept up with her for a decade.

As much as you try to keep the radar on your terms, people are still going to ruin every decision you make, from hair to makeup, to the microphone and everything else. That's why the videos of Taylor Swift's performance in Jingle Ball are very funny: as the flashes of old Taylor shine, it seems to be the first time in a time that has stopped trying to convince people to climb to Swift 6.0. The New Swift can stop warning people that it will come; she has arrived. And she is ready for that.

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