Video of Arizona Governor’s son viral in maskless party at indoor party

Footage showing Arizona Village. Dag daisyDoug DuCCDC says the highest rate of new COVID-19 infections to see in 2022 in Arizona is seven Senate races. Arizona sets records for COVID-19 patients in the ICU.The oldest son has gone viral while interacting with a crowd of masked people at a party in criticism of the GOP governor appealing to citizens to take “personal responsibility” for adopting security measures amid the coroner’s epidemic.

Video ClipIt was posted on Jack Dosse’s Instagram story in late December, first showing him dining with a group of people at an indoor restaurant before he even appeared at a party where attendees packed together Gone was the event’s DJ smiling and shaking hands with others.

Where the party took place or who hosted the event was not clear from the video.

In a Twitter post with the video Sunday, Accountable Arizona, an unsuccessful Ducey recall campaign, wrote, “If (the Governor’s) own adult son is not following Dyssey’s soft advice, how can Daisy expect Arizon?”

“You can’t even convince your son to respect the virus”, with a series of images of the Arizona governor joining events recently organized by the group. President TrumpDonald Trump’s attorney says the census count for determining congressional seats won’t count until February until Trump’s final push won’t dominate Georgia’s individual personal grievances. Trump says at the Georgia rally that he hopes Pence is our For ‘more’ Without wearing a face mask.

“He is leading you just by participating in maskless super spreader events,” the group wrote.

On contact with Arizona Republic, Jack Doosey, who is in his early 20s, admitted that he had made a mistake, but added that, unlike his father, he is not a politician.

The Governor’s Office did not respond to requests for Republic comment, and The washington post reported that When contacted, a spokesperson for the governor and Jack Dosé did not immediately respond.

Hill has reached the governor’s office for comment on the footage.

While the elder Doji has opposed statewide mask mandates, curfews or other far-reaching restrictions amid the epidemic, he has urged indoor residents to avoid indoor ceremonies and practice social distance.

In A news conference In early December, the governor Announced expanded health and safety requirements for public programs approved by cities and counties, while also relaxing regulations on restaurants to promote eateries to shift from indoor to outdoor dining.

“I believe Erzon is smart, and by looking at the facts of how they can protect themselves and their loved ones, by and large, they will do so,” he said at the time.

on Monday, A Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracker reported that Arizona has become State with highest rate of new COVID-19 infections, Overtaking neighboring California as well as other hotspots in South Carolina and Tennessee.

The state recorded the number of hospitalizations of the virus last month, with more than 4,300 hospitals across the state with coronavirus.

Doji implemented a handful of home-stay measures last spring But declared In early May that state was “clearly on the other side of this epidemic” and relaxed restrictions.


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