Video of Allentown police officer putting his knee on man’s neck during arrest sparks protests – CBS Philly

ALLENTOWN, Pa. (CBS) – There is outrage in Allentown on Sunday morning after a video of a police officer holding a man with his knee during an arrest was posted on the Facebook page of Black Lives Matter to Lehigh Valley. The video of the arrest was recorded on Saturday afternoon outside the Hospital of the Sacred Heart of San Lucas.

Just seven seconds from the clip, you can see that one of the three responding officers put his knee on the man’s neck.

The incident is now sparking protests in the area.

He was captured by someone driving for the arrest on a cell phone video.

At first, the Allentown police are holding the man, with his face on the pavement, and then one of the police officers places his knee on the man’s neck.

This is the same style of arrest that led to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last May and led to massive protests of racial justice and police reform around the world.

Last night, the video sparked a protest in Allentown organized by Black Lives Matter in Lehigh Valley.

Both Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell and Police Chief Glenn Grannitz appeared at those protests to ease tensions.

As far as we know, it ended without incident.

There are many things that are unclear about this incident, including what led to the arrest, but people demand answers.

Police have not released that information or the man’s name and condition.

Body camera images have also not been released yet.

The Black Lives Matter group in Lehigh Valley requires the police to release the information.

Earlier this month, the police department released its use of force policy.

It specifically prohibits chokes and neck restraints like the one seen in the video.

CBS3 has contacted the mayor and the police chief, but they are waiting for a response.

Stay with for updates on this unfolding story.