Video: Hear the sounds of a crash of cruise ships at Canada Place in Vancouver


Around 6:50 a.m. Saturday, the pbadengers in the Nieuw Amsterdam received a rude surprise when another cruise ship, the Oosterdam, he rammed the container.

It happened in Canada Place as the Oosterdam I was trying to dock

Both boats are owned by Holland America and no one was injured.

the Nieuw Amsterdam It is a boat 936 feet long that carries up to 2,106 guests.

The Oosterdam has the same length and carries a maximum of 1,964 guests.

You can hear the collision in the video below, which was posted on YouTube.

This YouTube video shows the Oosterdam hitting the Nieuw Amsterdam As I was arriving at a terminal in Vancouver.
Jamon Sterdam

This version for bumper car cruises came only two days after the Port of Vancouver issued a press release announcing a high volume of pbadengers arriving in May and June.

Each ship arriving in Vancouver generates approximately $ 3 million in direct economic activity, according to the port authority.

This weekend there is also a third cruise in Vancouver, the Norwegian happiness, which transports 4,000 pbadengers and is owned by Norwegian Cruise Line.


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