[VIDEO] Adam Sandler was fired from SNL – Chris Rock Cameos in monologue


Almost 25 years after being expelled from Saturday night live, former cast member Adam Sandler returned to Studio 8H with a lot to download from his chest – in the song, of course.

Sandler's musical confession came during his monologue. After recognizing his wife and children at the hearing, he said his daughter once asked him why he left SNL If it really was the best moment of his life, as he always said. The answer, he sang, was simple:

"They fired me, they fired me. They fired me, it's sad to say. Well, I never saw it coming, I got fired SNL. Between seasons I heard an unpleasant rumor that I was receiving the sack. I tried to call Lorne Michaels, but he never called me back. … I guess NBC had enough of Crazy Spoon Head and the songs that I sang on the news. Maybe they were sick of Cantina, but I think they just hate the Jews. They fired me, they did not hire me again, well, that made me sad and blue. I told my son Chris Farley that I had been fired, and he said: "Same, man. They also shot my butt & # 39;


Then Sandler joined former cast member Chris Rock, who also told a sad story about his SNL days: "They fired me, they fired me and NBC fired me. In bright color. Three weeks later, they took him out of television. "

The current cast member, Pete Davidson, was the next to take the stage, although Sandler was quick to explain that he has not yet been fired. "He was not?" Davidson replied. "How that is even possible".

"I do not know," Sandler told him. "But be patient, soon." Then he went back to his solo act: "Well, it broke my heart, because SNL It was my house. Where could I make my silly voices now? I never felt so lonely. … Yes, they fired me. I was fired. NBC said it was over. Then I won over $ 4 billion at the box office, so I guess you could say I won. "

Then came the grand finale: "So I was fired, but tonight I'm rehired, and I'm the happiest man in the world, because it feels so good to be back with you here tonight, where it all started for me, right here in Saturday night live. "

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