Victoria & # 39; s Secret Models face a counterattack for singing the N-Word with & # 39; Bodak Yellow & # 39;


The Victoria & # 39; s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai November 20, 2017 (Andy Wong / AP Photo)

What could be more offensive than a group of women with ridiculously big tits and waists that defy reality parading in underwear?

Maybe make it drip on beads and traditional African jewelry?

Or maybe singing the n-word behind the stage in advance?

Yes, I agree, the third option is the most offensive. But you get all three at the last Victoria & # 39; s Secret fashion show filmed earlier this month in Shanghai and aired on Tuesday.

The n-word piece appeared when a video appeared on social media showing a bunch of Vicky's models Secret singing Cardi The success of B Grammy nominated, "Bodak Yellow", and included the phrase "Cut a black, so do not feel comfortable."

The reaction was immediate and the virulent reaction to the models was rapid and hard. [19659024] [19659000] [19659027]

There were clearly some people of color in the room, but one model – who has been identified as Devon Winter – chose not to say the line, and received a recognition or two for that .

I think we all agree that people who are not black they should not use the n-word in conversation, but what happens when a black person's song is sung along with them? Not in mixed company? Not in video? What do you say, my Kinjas? (No?)

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