Verizon customers can get the Moto Z2 game for $ 1 a month or $ 24 at Best Buy

While the Moto Z2 did not receive such favorable reviews when it came out almost two years ago, the bargain-hunting fans of Motorola's modular concept must have taken advantage of the numerous opportunities they had in recent months to dial the 5.5-inch phone in Discount mbadive both unlocked and with payment plans per device.

But as the Moto Z4 and the Z4 Force approach, the moment to say Goodbye to the Z2 Play and to the Z2 Force of 2017, without a doubt, also approaches. In fact, the two modular veterans are no longer available on their manufacturer's website in the US. UU., What makes the latest Best Buy deal so amazing when you think about it.

Still, it's unquestionably great that you can get a respectable mobile device now for just $ 24 with a Verizon activation in advance. Big Red's existing and new subscribers are looking to add a line of service or simply update their phone to this incredible bargain, whether they prefer to buy the aforementioned sum of money or split into ridiculously affordable monthly installments of $ 1 for two years.

Normally, with a price of $ 408, the Verizon exclusive Moto Z2 Play variant costs a lot for some reason why you would prefer to activate the phone after buying it. Although it is not a power for any standard, with a medium-sized Snapdragon 626 processor, the phone also has a decent 3 GB RAM, while pressing a 3,000 mAh battery in a 6 mm body, thin as a razor Shave, completely made of aluminum.
Launched with the Android 7.1 Nougat software ready for use in 2017, it is expected that the Z2 Play will receive an official update of OS version 9.0 in a short time. The Full HD Super AMOLED screen is also quite good (for $ 24), not to mention how easy it is (and often incredibly affordable) to expand the functionality of this device with one of the many super convenient Moto Mods.

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