Venezuela’s ordered murder and atrocities of critics, UN investigator says

Geneva – UN investigators said on Wednesday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and other highly placed officials ordered or contributed to arbitrary killings, torture and sexual violence committed by state security services and to determine the extent of their involvement Called for a criminal investigation.

A three-member international fact-finding mission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council said it was “reasonable grounds to believe” that Mr. Maduro, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Defense, and Director of Venezuela’s Security and Intelligence Services “order” Granted or “to contribute.” Arbitrary detention and torture of critics and extraordinary execution. The panel stated that they also failed to take preventive action to investigate the misconduct, although they had effective powers to do so.

The investigation focused on events since 2014, when opposition from Mr. Maduro’s government gathered force and authorities resorted to increasingly brutal tactics to keep it in power.

In a 411-page report that examined 223 incidents and reviewed some 2,890 other cases, the panel said the government had systematically committed crimes, some of them following two different state policies Crimes against humanity have increased.

The panel said critics of the government and their relatives and friends were targeted to silence Mr Maduro’s protest and protest. With the aim of gaining popularity before the National Assembly election, security services arbitrarily treated people as criminals in so-called operations to kill them.