What was the autopsy of the football player Emiliano Salad?

11 February, 2019 08:11 PM
Updated on 11 February, 2019 8:21 PM

Emiliano Sala, a percussion player from Argentine, died to be injured to his head and stomach, according to a legal review in England, who kept on Monday's hearing when he died in an air crash in the English Channel.

A 28-year-old Sala, just signed for the English Premier League Football and went to the mainland of Wales to join his new team, after he left the French club in Nantes, when its aircraft flew away. It went over the channel on January 21st.

The remains of the machine were found more than two weeks later at the bottom of the sea. The stalking body was restored, but its driver, the British David Ibbotson, is still missing. The plane is still under water.

In a short view in Bournemouth, in the southern coast of England, a legal investigation was opened on Monday on Sala's death. The autopsy that was displayed at the hearing confirmed that there was a cause of death Salary damaged by her head and her. mast. A hall was formally marked by its fingertips.

In an English law, these critical studies will be carried out to examine well-defamatory deaths. Its aim is to & # 39; confirming the identity of the deceased, the place and the time of his death, as well as the way in which he died. But they are not trying to set up responsibilities.

"The police, the Air Traffic Control Office and the Civil Route Commission continue to analyze," said the violent officer Ian Parry at the hearing. After the British authorities decided the week to abandon underwater work, a fundraising campaign was launched to revise Ibbotson, which is on the & # 39; target of 300,000 pounds (385,000 dollars, 340,000 euros) already reached.

"If you have any hope, you should not give it," said Danielle's daughter to ITV British TV. The Nantes gave a great final recommendation on Sala on Sunday: all players had black clothes, not yellow, called the Chamber on the back of each shirt. Tickets for selling a game were sold at a costume of nine euskal in memory of Argentine player's shirt number, which was withdrawn from service.

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