The Lakers are looking for a second air during breaking

An Lakers Los Angeles They will reach the NBA All-Star break through, perhaps, the worst time of the season.

They reach four fails in the last five games, and moving away from the eighth place where they moved out of their police station, and unhappy players after being introduced into the forgotten business to center their services a valuable Anthony Davis from New Orleans.

Behind the last Tuesday against Atlanta Hawks, a set of LeBron James He turned to signal 28-29, first time since November 7 that he is a play below .500.

Not to be included last night, the Lakers had a & # 39; Ten tenth places in the West to two half games of Sacramento in the eighth place, removing 25 games of their regular level.

The Lakers will return to their 21st table against the Rockets of Houston.

And Jim hopes that peace will be good.

"We need to relax and get away from basketball," said James, who is present at Star Classic this Sunday in Charlotte.

"Revive, reinforce the mind, be healthy and return with the right mind to suit the playoffs," said James.

The beginning of war

The Lakers were well on their way to the playoffs until 25 December, when their Golden Storm was injured by James Golden State.

At that time, the Lakers

they had a 20-14 signal and were living in the & # 39; fourth place in the West Conference, which exceeded the expectations.

The Lakers expected their player to make some games. But that's not the case.

James 17 lost games, and the Lakers collected a 6-11 record at that time until they came to the eighth place.

James returned on January 31 and his team returned to the successful route by hitting the 123-120 drawers in a long run. James received 24 points with 14 concepts and nine benefits in the win.

But in the days near the change date, on 7 February, it was true that the Lakers were interested in getting Davis, and his deputy – James says publicly that his / her client did not want to; continue with the Pelicans.

Bread when the Lakers made pelicans attractive offers to the Pelicans; building Davis, and finally offered their main young figures, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram, in one package, which also included three soldiers and two bridges.

New Orleans did not accept the offer of the Lakers, while & # 39; The mood was in Los Angeles's guarding room looking for the floor after they got a 136-94 arrest from Indiana, two days before the date for the game's changes ended.

The time was over and Davis never reached the Lakers, who wondered his Celtic Celtics food on his / her; at least 12-12-12, and it seems that he would send a message that the blast was deleted in terms of facts about changes.

But in the last two games, James and a company fell on the way to Philadelphia and Atlanta to raise issues again about the ability to return their organization to their playoffs.

The Lakers fell to an Atlanta team, which was played largely for 18-38 by game. "We have a bad call for us," they introduced to James, after that


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