Star Wars Filming: Episode IX with a dramatic drawing to come to an end

Star Wars King Finn Poe Atomix

In 2019 we will see an historical moment in fiction and science fan films. I mean, the final program of the Skywalker Saga will be released Star Wars. It will identify the end of licensing that began in 1977 and changed the way Hollywood films were made. Through emotional pictures, the director J.J. Abrams, says the filming of the failure has come to an end.

Through his social networking he will publish a picture of the main actors of the problem, which is Daisy Ridley (King), John Boyega (Fionn) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron) They embrace emotional emotions after they go Filming the final production scene (not the best thing in the movie). The site is very similar to one of the deserted planes we saw in the tapes, and probably Jakku.

The director had the following words together with the picture:

"He thinks it's impossible, but today we have finished episodes of Episode IX. There's not enough way to thank this very moment of magic to the casting team and to Production team. I'll be in debt forever. "

Remember that J.J Abrams He returned as a director following his dispute; rise in a & # 39; Episode VIII For the bad welcome the failure was a part of the fans.

Now we can only wait for the official title of the film to be published, as well as giving us a & # 39; The first progress will be during the event The 2019 Star Wars Festival which will take place in Chicago between 11 and 15 April.

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