Solar panel supporters for electricity rationing

7 April, 2019 – 9: 15pm

The power generation plants and the solar panel supporters are the commercial growers of power rationing in Zulia.

The contributions of electricity to Zulia meant that by having a difference of 4 to 6 hours with everyday service, both the locals and traders have been dealing with the heat and dark attack.

In Las Playitas, in front of its dark doors, head-to-head is the supply of the power plants and solar panel fans. They are there, waiting to be bought and achieving the dream many of them have been able to spend at least with less heating hours.

To familiarize yourself with the cost of these devices, it has decided to be a priority for everyone in these times, Latha Latha News He went to speak to some of the vendors to see that they were not living in the dark and in heat.

Fernando González decided to take care of us and pointed out that there has been an increase in the sale of power plants, but in Maicao where these results have been brought in, prices have gone up, and the prices have increased. tolls in tolls. prices and you get a little, "he said.

Price for not heating

Solar panel supporters are new and few give credit to them, these can be the opening hours in the evening and especially at night when the lights go out and the mosquitoes are lit taking over from the place. The same after each 12 hour continuous device.

"The cost of 120 dollars is 500,000 bolivars, many bring in them, it's not a gale, but grow cold for a long time. You only have to send the honey combs to the Sun are they. how they spend the night or the day the supporters come in. They are more than anything else for the old ladies and those who are likely to have the most t with the depression, "said González.

Luis Fernando Herrera

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