Morgan Stanley oversees Spanish banking and BBVA has a & # 39; paying the effects With

© Reuters. Image of BBVA headquarters – Spanish banking it has not started the good position this Tuesday as a result of a change of praise in the price of the sector's target of analysts Morgan Stanley (NYSE :). Throughout the day, BBVA (MC :), is the most vulnerable victim of this new idea of ​​an international bank analysis department, leaving more than 4%.

Indeed, the entity, which is still led by Francisco González, has the most fallen value. In this way, Morgan Stanley has at its target price down to 6.3 euros.

Another impressive body of Morgan Stanley's attitude has also changed Banco Santander (MC 🙂 and Sabadell (MC :). The bank is also led by Ana Botín who can see analysts with & # 39; reducing its capacity from 5.9 euros to 5.8 euros. For this reason, a Catalan bank, who moved its headquarters after political stability, can see how to do it; Losing target of 1.75 euros to remain at 1.45 euros per share.

However, Banco Santander is keeping pace during the trade session and Banco Sabadell has been empowered by winter and her. lose more than 1.5%.

Caixabank (MC 🙂 is saved from burning

Caixabank is the only bank that came out of the report released by Morgan Stanley. The analysts have a share price share with 20 cents to € 5.

It should be noted that Caixabank introduced the new place Strategic Plan for company. Therefore, the entity has set its objectives for 2021 and expects the profit to reach 12% compared to the current 10% in the next two years.

In order to do so, as the bank explained, more customer service needs to be increased. This means that 43% of these resources need to come from long-term buyer savings and insurance sales.

Despite the two newspapers around Caixabank, the market will turn his back to security to bank at the beginning of the session, from fall by 1% and staying at 3.68 euros.

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