Isabel Pantoja Kiko Rivera wins if she wins GH GHO & # 39;

House GH DUO already including Kiko Rivera, son Isabel Pantoja The singer and DJ are, for the first time, ruled in a television show of truth without leaving for health or voluntary reasons, as he did in a television show Survivors and Big Brother VIP, and he is accomplished with his companion, t Irene Rosales, was also in the final.

Gus GH DUO around the corner, rumors appear all around what we will see in the last gallery, and how they moved on Save me, If it happens that Kiko will be a winner, his mother will raise him.

“What I will be told is that Isabel Pantoja has suddenly awakened from her pain. Canadian and hardly there is a keyboard in Cantora"Mila Ximénez explained Friday, which noticed that the tonadilla" with so many fans "on his fans has voted.

If Kiko wins, Isabel Pantoja will go to pick her up

He also mentioned that he was 'playing with something really good' because Isabel Pantoja would say “For all those who love me, if my child wins Big Brother, this one is going to go to the set to pick it. So Mila thought that Isabel would play with her wonder of seeing her again on a set, but to do that, it would be necessary to vote for Kiko.

On the other hand, Kiko Hernández was critical of Isabel Pantoja if this information were true, as this had t Isa Pantojathe DJ's sister, left Big Brother who didn't go to Telecinco to get it. "Who built Chabelita? To Kiko (you are going to take it) to Big Brother, to anyone who came to live, but to anyone. So you can say that there are no differences"

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