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Leidy Torres traveled more than 500 kilometers with her husband and nine-month-old daughter from Caicara del Orinoco to Caracas to be able to receive medical care . In the family they all have malaria but they drove to the capital because in Bolívar hospitals collapsed with the number of cases that arrive.

"El Hospital de Guaiparo (in Ciudad Guayana) has nothing. It is not the fault of being there, "he said on Tuesday morning, January 9, while waiting outside the Center for Studies of the Malaria in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) ) to receive the results of the test that would confirm whether she and her family have malaria, the other name of malaria.

In Caicara del Orinoco, ] medicines antimalarials are only obtained "bachaqueados" between 800 thousand bolivars and two million and with the seal of Ministry of Health that prohibits its sale. Those who market the drugs, said Leidy, are the same people who do the thick-film exam in the Bolivarian town.

The absence of antimalarials and its resale in the black market have unleashed protests in Bolívar since, at least, the second half of 2017. The media registered a demonstration last month August in San Felix, date in which patients with malaria from ambulatory Manoa blocked the vial to demand medicines .

More recently, last January 8, patients of Upata with the disease protested on the road to San Felix in rejection of the collapse of outpatient clinics in the area and the lack of drugs to treat the epidemic.

[19659002] Despite epidemiological censorship, National Assembly presented a document in November denouncing that the Venezuelan State "has not implemented adequate policies for the prevention, detection and cure of malaria", and that only in the state Bolívar ] 206,240 cases of malaria were recorded between January and October 2017.

The report of AN evidences the increase of the epidemic in the area: in one year (2016) went from 177,619 cases to just over 200 thousand.

Where to go?

The four workers of the Institute of Higher Studies in Health Dr. Arnoldo Gabaldón, located in UCV it is difficult to cope with the number of cases received daily in the institution. From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., specialists carry out tests, deliver medications and evaluate patients who travel from different states of the country, mostly from Bolívar.

The Study Center for the Malaria is one of the institutions that can be attended by patients with malaria in the capital, despite the fact that last year there were interruptions in the supply of antimalarials because Ministry of Health had not provided them.

"L we took three months without receiving a tablet from the Government . Some state health centers are working with drugs donated, "he told Cocuyo Effect the researcher and coordinator of the study center, Oscar Noya.

children's hospital José Manuel de los Ríos the disease was installed last year. According to the infectologists of the health center, between July 2017 and January 2018, about 20 cases have been treated. To date there are two hospitalized cases, one in emergency and the other in Infectology .

Another health center to which patients with malaria can go in Caracas is the Department of Malariology and Environmental Sanitation located in the El Cementerio sector.

Effect Cocuyo found that the Ministry of Health located in the towers of El Silencio, also delivers to patients the treatment required to eliminate from the organism the parasites of plasmodium transmitted in the bite of the mosquito anopheles.

Other health centers at that there have been cases of malaria from different states and with some complication have been Domingo Luciani, in El Llanito, and the University Hospital of Caracas, where they have been treated patients with cerebral malaria .

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