An increase in Dengue and malaria in the Dominican Republic

March 17, 2019, 11:02Santo Domingo, March 17 (Pretty Latina) Dengue and malaria, recorded two diseases sent to people with mosquitoes, a significant increase in the first two months of this year, according to official published statistics today. T today.

Dengue's fever grew 302% compared to the same period last year and malaria with 179, that is, the system took 624 suspected cases of the first disease and 79 of the second.

As well as that, the Ministry of Public Health said that, on dengue, 78 per cent of all cases that were and were confirmed were in contact with children under 15 years of age and the frequency of cases is highest with t behold, residents of Santo Domingo and Barahona are resident.

Given the impact of these scenarios, health centers suggested to the general population to go immediately to the doctor when there are signs of fever and suffering, and not to wait for serious illnesses.

Similarly, pertussis, a respiratory disease which increased by 742 per cent, was also warned from four cases in the first two months last year, to 34 cases this year.

Malaria is caused by the parasite plasmodium, which is transmitted with mosquito glands on its disease in the anopheles species, which have patterns of behavior and breeding sites except for Aedes Aegypti, a dengue transmitter.

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