VDH Launches Central Pre-Registration Website for COVID-19 Vaccine

RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ / VDH statement) – The Virginia Department of Health today launched a new centralized website designed to allow Virginia residents to “easily pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine,” according to VDH. The site is designed to allow people to pre-register online, verify that they are pre-registered, and access additional information about the implementation of vaccination in Virginia.

Click here to access the new site.

Virginians who have previously pre-registered through their local health districts have been automatically imported into the new system, according to VDH, and do not need to pre-register again. Data migration continues throughout the week and it may take several days for your name to appear in the centralized system. All those who have previously registered are still on the list and their statuses will not be affected, VDH said.

The Virginia Department of Health expects millions of unique site visits on launch day (February 16) and IT teams will address back-end components as needed throughout the day. Anyone who is unable to communicate immediately is urged to try again.

VDH will also launch an attached hotline number on Wednesday, February 17, for people who are uncomfortable or unable to pre-register online. Governor Northam is expected to hold a press conference Wednesday with more information on the number.

Due to the technological limits of the CVS Pharmacy national appointment system, Virginia residents must continue to register for CVS appointments through the CVS Pharmacy website. The Fairfax Department of Health has chosen to maintain its local registration form as one of the few health districts that is not part of the Virginia state health system. Virginians eligible for vaccination for living or working in Fairfax County must pre-register for vaccinations on the Fairfax County Health Department website.

Virginia has vaccinated more than 12% of the population with at least one dose, according to VDH. Demand for the COVID-19 vaccine currently outstrips supply, and VDH said it is expected to take several months to reach everyone who wants to get vaccinated.

Virginia is prioritizing people who qualify for Phase 1b: people 65 and older; essential frontline workers; those who live and work in homeless shelters, correctional facilities, and migrant labor camps; and individuals with high-risk medical conditions.

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