VDH issues warnings after rubbed raccoon found in Virginia city

According to the Virginia Department of Health, someone’s pet was exposed to an insane rash on Friday.

On Friday, a raccoon found in Staunton, Virginia, was presented for rabies testing after a suspected encounter with a pet.

The Rebicon tested positive for rabies and is no longer a threat, any person or animal that has been exposed to raccoon saliva will be considered a potential risk and should receive a medical evaluation.

Rabies is fatal to animals and humans, once symptoms begin, but can be stopped in humans if they receive the vaccine and medicine soon.

VDH has this advice to help prevent the spread of rabies:

  • Never contact a wild animal, especially a raccoon, fox, crook or bat, especially if the animal is behaving strangely or seen in broad daylight. These animals are the main carriers of rabies in the eastern US
  • Avoid stray cats and dogs, which may also have rabies and report any bite or scratch to your doctor or health department.
  • Vaccine your dogs, cats and ferrets and keep their vaccinations up to date.
  • Do not feed wild animals or stray animals. Remove external food sources.
  • Keep pets confined to your property or lease them

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