Vatican reports positive coronavirus case at Pope’s residence

Vatican City (CNS) – A resident of Domus Sanchai Marthe, the residence where Pope Francis lives, tested positive for COVID-19, the Vatican announced.

In a statement on 17 October, Vatican spokesman Mateo Bruni said the man, who is asymptomatic, was kept in isolation, as well as “those who came in contact with him,” and has temporarily left the residence.

“The regulations issued by the Governor of the state of the Holy See and the Vatican City continue to be followed and the health of all the residents of Domus is continuously monitored,” Bruni said.

Several days after the Swiss Guard’s announcement came the news that an additional seven people tested positive for COVID-19, taking the current number of cases to 11 among 113 guardsmen.

Three other citizens or residents of the state of Vatican City were found positive with mild symptoms in the past few weeks. However, Bruni said that he has since recovered from the virus.

Authorities in Italy are on high alert due to a spike in infection, fearing a second wave of epidemics.

The Italian Ministry of Health said that 11,705 new positive cases of coronovirus were recorded on 18 October. The ministry also reported that 69 patients died, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 36,543 since the onset of the epidemic.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced a series of new sanctions. October 18, restaurants forbidding more than six people to sit at a table, imposed first closing hours for bars and eateries without table service and ordered high schools and universities to plan for a staggered student program and Regular use of online instruction.

It also stopped outside festivals and local fairs, also known as “saagre”, giving local mayors the right to close roads and public squares to avoid large gatherings.

Conte said the measures were not only to curb the increase in cases, but also to avoid another lockdown.

“We must take action, deploy all measures necessary to prevent a new normalized lockdown,” Conte said. “The country cannot deliver a new setback that would seriously endanger the entire economy.”

On 14 October to his general audience, Pope Francis apologized to the contestants for being unable to greet their close ones and explained that with the new security rules, “it is better if we stay away.”

Poppe said, “I am sorry that I greet you from afar, but I think that if we, as good citizens, meet the rules from the authorities, it will help end this epidemic.” ”

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