Vatican: OK to get virus vaccines using abortive cell lines

The Vatican has declared it “morally acceptable” for Roman Catholics to receive the COVID-19 vaccine based on research that uses fetal tissue from abortions

The indictment for the doctrine of the doctrine, the Vatican’s Sentinel Office for Orthodoxy of the Principle, said it had received several requests for “guidance” during recent months. The Doctrine Office reported that bishops, Catholic groups and experts have offered “diverse and sometimes conflicting pronouncements” on the case.

The Catholic Church’s teaching says that abortion is a gross sin.

The Vatican concluded that “it is ethically acceptable to obtain the COVID-19 vaccine that used cell embryonic lines in the research and production process” when “morally irrelevant” vaccines are not available to the public. But it stressed that “vaccines” do not in any way mean the “use” of such vaccines and does not mean that abortions are a moral endorsement of the use of cell lines extending beyond the fetus. “

The Vatican has not named or been authorized to use any of the COVID-19 vaccines already given to people in some countries.

In its statement, the Vatican explained that obtaining vaccines that do not pose a moral dilemma is not always possible. It cited countries “where vaccines without ethical problems are not available to physicians and patients” or where special storage or transport conditions have made their delivery more difficult.

Most Vatican utterances were echoed by officials of the American Conference Catholic Bishops in a statement last week. US conference officials said that “given the severity of the current pandemic and the lack of availability of alternative vaccines, it is reasonable to obtain vaccines being distributed in the United States” despite remote connections to ethically compromised cell lines. “

The week before, two US bishops, one in Texas and one in California, condemned vaccines using cell lines from the tissue of unethically produced embryos. One of the bishops said that he refused to receive such a vaccine and encouraged rank-and-file Catholics to follow his lead.

The Vatican, in assuring faithful Catholics that receiving the COVID-19 vaccine would not violate the moral teaching of the Church, noted that various vaccines could be distributed in a country, “Health officials opting for vaccines to citizens Do not allow with whom to vaccinate. “In those cases, it is morally acceptable to receive the vaccine, who have used cell lines from the aborted fetus.”

The Vatican said COVID-19 vaccines that rolled or soon to be used cell lines are expected to be “pulled from tissue derived from two miscarriages that occurred in the last century.”

The Vatican has not said if Francis will be vaccinated against coronovirus, nor what vaccine he can receive, the 84-year-old Pontiff made a pilgrimage to Iraq in early March, and it is widely reported that He and colleagues will be vaccinated with him before traveling abroad.

The congregation said that for reasons of discretion not to receive vaccinations arising from cell lines from the womb of the conscience, “one must strive to avoid them”, by proper behavior and preventive means, a “vehicle” for transmission. Being formed, the congregation said.



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