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Variety & # 39; s Best of CES 2019 – Variety

Folding telephones, bread baking robots and science fiction toilets: This week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas had its share of remote devices, many of which will probably never be turned into mass-market products.

But there were also some devices that stood out from the crowd, demonstrating how fast the technology advances and where the consumption and production of media could go in the coming years. We selected five such remarkable innovations for Variety of Second annual list of the best CES.

Samsung MicroLED Modular TV

Samsung first showed its modular television "The Wall" at CES 2018, and the company returned this year with an even larger version: assembled with 12-inch by 12-inch screen modules, the screen measured a whopping 219 inches in diameter . The company also showed a 75-inch 4K version based on the same modules, and demonstrated how consumers in the near future will be able to assemble screens of any size in minutes by simply joining the tiles.

Samsung has not yet announced a release date for any of these models, but the company is clearly coming closer to turning its modular TV technology into real products. He has invested heavily in MicroLED technology that powers everything, and promises great image quality with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Of all the futuristic TV technology shown at CES 2019, Samsung's MicroLED modular TVs seem to have a big impact on the future of television.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Google

Lenovo smart watch with Google assistant

A year after presenting their first joint smart screens, Google and Lenovo returned to CES to present a new version of bedside table, called Lenovo Smart Watch. With a 4-inch screen, the Smart Clock is optimized for morning and night routines, which includes slowly increasing the light on the screen, such as sunrise, starting half an hour before the alarm goes off.

The smart watch also includes some touch sensors so you can touch the case if you need a few more minutes in the morning, and the screen is optimized for the size and functionality of the alarm clock. The device does not play YouTube videos, as Google product manager Mert Topcu says Variety the video playback simply did not make sense. However, it doubles as a fully functional Google smart speaker, which includes the ability to send music, podcasts and more from your phone to your device through Chromecast. The smart watch will go on sale for $ 80 this spring.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Obsbot

Camera Obsbot Tail AI

With the exception of the 360 ​​video, lately there has not been much innovation in the space of the consumer / consumer video camera. That did not stop China-based Obsbot from building a camera that uses state-of-the-art technologies in new ways: the company's Tail camera uses artificial intelligence to identify subjects in a session and then automatically track them with smooth camera movements , courtesy of -in three-axis tripod.

Obsbot Tail also records videos up to 4K / 60fps, and is compatible with HDR 10 and other advanced imaging technologies. But the really great thing is that Tail supports gesture control, which allows the person in front of the camera to quickly switch between the different modes, an ideal feature for YouTube users and anyone else who wants to produce videos without the help of the camera. The Tail will be available on Kickstarter next week for around $ 500.

Roland Go Piano with built-in Alexa

Few devices shown at CES this year did not offer any kind of voice control, and most of them relied on Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa for their intelligence in the cloud. Standing out from the multitude of Alexa devices was the Go Piano with the addition of Alexa, which Roland plans to release later this year.

Hands-free voice control simply makes a lot of sense when your fingers are busy trying to find the right keys. In addition to choosing selected songs to practice, Alexa can also start a metronome, slow down or accelerate the rhythm, and even play educational games, including one that helps budding musicians with their auditory training. There is still no information on the Alexa-enabled piano price, but it is likely to be a bit more expensive than the existing Go Piano version without voice control, which currently sells for around $ 320.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Tablo

Tablo Quad 4-tuner DVR

Tablo has been doing network DVRs for years, offering cable cutters an easy way to record television programs and then broadcast them to a wide variety of mobile devices and connected to television. At CES, the company showed its latest addition: a 4-tuner device that allows consumers to record up to four programs at the same time and offers a cutting-edge network for the fun of unbuffered television.

On the surface, the Quad may look like a revamped version of an existing product. But what made the device really shine in CES was a new intelligent ad skip feature that uses cloud-based video analytics to jump over ad breaks without altering the actual video source. It is much smarter than some of Tablo's competitors offer and made even some of the new software features of the major TV manufacturers seem a little outdated. Tablo's Quad DVR will be available for $ 200 in March, and the company's new ad-skip feature will also make its way to its other Tablo models in the coming months.

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