Vanessa Bryant returns to LA County Sheriff on LeBron James’ challenge

Vanessa Bryant returned this week to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who challenged NBA superstar LeBron James to match the prize money over the weekend for information about the shooting of two deputies in Compton, California.

In a series of posts on her Instagram story, Bryant spots screenshots of Villanaveva’s tweets and articles and calls her department on the leak of graphic photos following the tragic helicopter crash, which included her husband Kobe Bryant, her young daughter Xianna, and Seven died. Others in January.

Bryant shared the tweet from @ElanMaree, who questioned the validity of Villanueva’s comments to reporters Monday about the criminal justice system.

La SHERIFF Alex Villanueva Challenges Lambon gives money for the match to James, a gunman who has two divisions in the component.

The Associated Press’s California-based crime reporter, Stephanie Dazio, Initially shared a video clip In which Villanueva urged athletes, elected officials and civic leaders to emphasize trust in the criminal justice system rather than “incinerating the flame of hatred”.

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram account

“How can he talk about trusting the system?” Asked @ElanMaree in a quote tweet. “Their sheriff department cannot be trusted to secure Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash scene, their depot shared and shared a graphic of the accident victims. Vanessa Bryant is suing them.”

Subsequently, Bryant shared a May title and article from The Hollywood Reporter, which showed that Los Angeles County Sheriff Department personnel unions were suing Villanueva to keep the internal affairs investigation for private distribution.

Credit: Vanessa Bryant's Instagram account

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram account

Bryant’s own claim was filed against Villanueva’s office in May.

According to People magazine, “Some of the eight dead were at the scene of cell-phone photographs of dead children, parents and coaches,” it claims, “the department will later admit. To take pictures at the accident site. Instead, deputies took photographs for their personal purposes. ”

In the following text she took screenshots from, reporting on a possible cover-up attempt by Villanueva from the Los Angeles Times.

Villanueva has since made waves, which relate to Subvina about how he would protect prisoners from COVID-19.

In Monday’s interview with KABC Radio on the John Phillips Show, Villanueva challenged James to contribute to the efforts to locate the gunman who shot two Los Angeles County personnel at the Point-Blanc range and provided information. The prize money being offered for the match was doubled.

Villanueva said the reward money has reached $ 175,000 – a combination of $ 100,000 donations from the county and $ 75,000 from 75,000 individuals.

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong, File)

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva (AP Photo / Jae C. Hong, File)

“This challenge is for Lebron James. I want you to mix that match and double that reward,” Villanueva said. “I know that you care about law enforcement. You made a very interesting statement about your attitude about race relations and officer-on-shootings and the impact on the African-American community.

“And I appreciated that,” he continued. “But in the same way, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes to all professions.”

The Los Angeles Lakers star has been one of the most vocal professional athletes on social issues and police malpractice. After Jacob Blake was shot multiple times by authorities in Wisconsin last month, he was paralyzed, with James saying that black people in America are “terrified” by police misconduct.

“I know people are tired of hearing me say this, but we’re scared as Black people in America,” James said after the Lakers’ Game 4 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers last month. “Black men, black women, black children, we get nervous.”

He first tweeted his frustrations about the police firing.

“And you wonder what we say about the police !! Someone please tell me WTF is this ??? !!! Actually another black person was being targeted, ”James wrote. “this — [sic] So wrong and so sad !! Feel so sorry for him, his family and our people !! We want justice. ”

There was no immediate response from James for the sheriff’s challenge.

Credit: Vanessa Bryant's Instagram account

Credit: Vanessa Bryant’s Instagram account

Bryant posted @ElanMaree’s second tweet, Villanueva should not challenge James to “step into the plate” because the sheriff could not even “step in the plate” and hold his depot responsible for taking photographs of dead children.

She then posted a photo of eight of those killed in the crash, including her husband and daughter, and tagged the Instagram account of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department.

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Finally, Bryant posted a screenshot of a quote from Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti of the City of Angels, condemning the shooting of the depositories.

“Not all deputies are bad apples. Pray for 2 deputies that were shot,” she wrote.

Fox News’ Louis Cassiano contributed to this report.