Van Halen considered touring with both Sammy Hager and David Lee Roth

Before Eddie van Halen’s cancer took the worst, his son Wolfgang Van Helen said he persuaded him to consider a “kitchen-sink tour” that included bassist Michael Anthony for the first time since 2004 May, Lee Roth with Sammy Sagar and David turn on each vocal. He also talked about bringing back Gary Charon, who sang with the band on an album, Wolfgang told Howard Stern on Monday.

They never met as they discussed the idea with Roth, Wolfgang said, as Eddie became too ill to go out on the road. Over the years, Eddie had a motorcycle accident, and learned that he had a brain tumor. “If only things had been better,” Wolfgang said, “it would have been amazing.”

Neither Hagar nor Roth responded immediately. Rolling stoneRequest for comment.

There were countless tapes of Eddie, Jeff, and songs spanning decades in his 5150 studio vault, but after his death in October, there are no immediate plans to begin sorting through him for possible release, Wolfgang said.

During an interview released under a tape named Wolf, Wolfgang stated that there is a shit-ton of tape that would take too long to watch. “It’s not a priority right now. I can’t put a timeline on it. There will be a time when we will go through it. Not for the future. “

Wolfgang also made it clear that his father’s band was over. He said, “You can’t be Van Halen without Eddie Van Halen”.

Eddie wanted his son to focus on his own music instead of immediately looking at his father’s past, Wolfgang said, “It would be” shameless “to release archival material immediately. Some of it, he said,” Thoughts are probably not out for good reason, “though he said” I’m sure there’s amazing shit there. “

Eddie said, “I’ve got a lot of music.” Rolling StoneIn December 2008 E. “Close to a million CDs, cassettes, boxes and boxes and boxes …” The stuff is about to come out. Hopefully, people will enjoy my many sides. I travel on this myself. “

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