Valve bans ‘very positive’ developer for trying to fool Steam users

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Emoji Evolution is a puzzle game on Steam about combining strange symbols. Or at least it was: Valve recently removed it from the store and banned its creator’s developer account after apparently finding out how they were exploiting Steam’s design. to try to fool people in playing the game.

“Valve has banned my developer account due to ‘review manipulations’ Emoji Evolution very positive developer wrote on Twitter last Friday. “I absolutely disagree with this accusation.” Very Positive sounds harmless enough as a name, but in the context of the Steam store pages, it ended up being easily mistaken for an actual Steam review rating of “Very Positive.” The developer even made sure the name matched the font and color of Valve’s official ratings. It was a cute joke and a funny riff on the ways developers try to play on the Steam market.

At least, that was what I thought. Valve? Not so much. In an interview in Vice with Patrick Klepek, who was one of the first people to discover the hoax, Very Positive originally said that they did not believe it was a problem. “Valve fully understands how small this trick is,” they said. “It is more important to have a famous brand like Obsidian there.” Apparently not.

Originally born out of a conversation about the nature of emoji online and their ongoing transformation and proliferation, Emoji Evolution It ended up being an interesting piece of art that highlights some of Steam’s absurdities and flaws. It remains to be seen if it will ever return, or if it will inspire other small developers to try to take advantage of Steam’s laissez faire approach to healing.

“I played a really bad game, this is the only thing I’m guilty of,” the latest Very Positive tweet reads. “If Steam doesn’t allow making horrible games, why hasn’t the CDPR account already been suspended?”


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