Valentina Shevchenko: ‘No one to blame’ for risking title despite losing to Jennifer Maia

Valentina Shevchenko knows that nothing is guaranteed in the sport of MMA.

That’s why the reigning flyweight champion of the UFC, who was originally expected to return in August, opted to take some extra time after leg surgery to complete his body before defending his title To fix it.

Shevchenko told MMA Fighting, “I was hoping that the recovery was going to fall short of itself, but it just took a while.” “Everything is fine. Everything is as it should be at the time of recovery. This was my first surgery. I didn’t know how I was going to react. But everything is fine.”

“I prefer to take an extra month or two rather than recover and risk everything I have.”

Initially, Joan Calderwood was expected to face Shevchenko in June, but the fight eventually ended when the 125-pound champion needed surgery. Once it was revealed that Shevchenko would not be able to fight until the latter part of the year, Calderwood opted to accept a short-notice opportunity to face Jennifer Maia in August.

Unfortunately, for Calderwood, he suffered a first round loss to Mia, which led to him fighting for UFC Gold. Now Maia will be shot to the title, but as it seems that after gambling and losing to Calderwood, Shevchenko does not look that way at all.

“It is difficult to understand someone’s decision. You never know, “Shevchenko said that Calderwood took the fight and waited for a title shot instead. “Maybe she was like she needed this fight, she needed to be active. No one can judge him for this because that is what I feel for myself. I need to be active. I want to fight

“Of course, this is something she wanted to do so it was something she wanted to do. Nobody can blame him. She did not know, she hoped she was going to win the fight, fetch the money and there would be another fight in November. “

Calderwood was still in favor of victory when he fought with Maiya, but he lost in the opening round and lost in return.

Although the risk ran out of reward in the end, Shevchenko says that this is just part of the game and that no one should point a finger at Calderwood to take the fight to the first place.

“This is MMA. It is a mixed martial art. You never know what’s going to happen, “Shevchenko said. “Jennifer, she was preparing for the fight as if it was the last fight of her life.” You can see it in his eyes. She was hungry for victory. Jojo, I don’t know, my opinion, she was like this maybe not.

“Sometimes this happens to fighters. No matter how well prepared you are, how good a training camp you had, it sometimes happens. I don’t know if it’s psychology or something but it happens. But things changed. “

Instead of facing Calderwood as originally expected, Shevchenko is now preparing for a November date against Mia, who was given the title shot with her win.

There is always a chance that Shevchennder will face Caldwood in the future, but now his focus is on Maia and defending his title for the fourth consecutive time.

Shevchenko said, “Now I have another opponent for my fight, Jennifer Mia, and I’m good with it.” “For me, it doesn’t really matter who is in front of me.

“I’m going to prepare the best way. But what I want, my opponent is going to be a good, best one and they fight with the best version of themselves. “