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My God! Poor Caitlyn Jenner was ripped off the roof of her Malibu mansion by strong winds, and the force absorbed her beloved pup Bertha. We have the creepy details about how he disappeared.

This is the worst nightmare of any pet owner. Terrible gusts of wind of 60 mph have fanned the forest fires in Southern California, and on December 6 and the force was so strong that it tore off the roof of the Malib house of Caitlyn Jenner taking her dog. Deadline reports that the 68-year-old former reality star went out to dinner and came to her house to find that there was no roof in her house, with the roof partially scattered on her pool and patio. But that was not the worst part, since her golden labrador puppy Bertha was absorbed by the wind and Caitlyn could not find her anywhere.

The site says he looked up, calling his dog's name in the darkness and could not find it. Caitlyn was terrified that her dog had been injured or killed. Because her house was uninhabitable, Caitlyn spent the night with a family member. On December 7 he returned home, fearing that perhaps Bertha was trapped under parts of the roof that were in the yard. "It was horrible, we all thought that Bertha was buried under those remains," said the representative of I Am Cait PEOPLE . "You can not find it neither last night nor this morning." She asked one of her children to help her move a large part of the waste, but it was too heavy, so they called a work team to help her. See more pictures of Caitlyn, here.

As luck would have it, when the workers arrived, one of them mentioned seeing a dog coming down the hill from his long driveway. Caitlyn pounced and, indeed, turned out to be his beloved Bertha. "Then poof, down the hill is this Bertha covered in dirt," added Jenner's representative. Thank God, what a happy ending. Losing a pet is one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen to someone, so we are delighted that your puppy has survived something so frightening. Hopefully, Bertha is not too traumatized by the frightening experience. The labs are so lovely that we are sure that Caitlyn is giving you tons of TLC after everything that happened.

Caitlyn recovered the Bertha in June when the adorable puppy was only eight weeks old. Since then he shows constant adoration for his furry companion in his entire Instagram account. She subtitled this photo on September 3: "I love Bertha and she loves me, and we both love our morning walks."

Take a look at how beautiful she is! Caitlyn shared this photo of Bertha on November 29 with the lovely legend: "I wonder what my day will bring". Who knew that a week later she would be dragged out of her house by devastating winds! [19659007] HollywoodLifers What would you do if your pet disappeared in a storm or weather event?

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