Vaccination ‘out of vaccination’ blockage to avoid temporary throwback reactions in suburban hospital – NBC Chicago

Four members of the team temporarily suspended coronovirus vaccination at a suburban hospital on Friday after experiencing adverse reactions.

Since Thursday, Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville said that four people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine experienced a tingling and heartburn shortly after the injection.

The Health Center said in a statement, “With an abundance of caution, we are temporarily stopping vaccinations in Condell, which will make it easier for us to understand what may be causing these reactions.”

Advocate Arora Health reminded that four people who experienced adverse reactions to 0.15% of the nearly 3,000 individuals who had received vaccinations throughout the health system so far.

The health center said that as of Friday, three members of the team are at home and “doing a good job”, while one person is receiving additional treatment.

Advocate Aurora Health said, “The reactions are an expected side effect of vaccination. We are encouraged by our team members to get the vaccine to protect themselves and others and to help end this epidemic.” are keen.”

Advocate Aurora Health has eight other vaccination locations in Illinois and three in Wisconsin, all of which continue to have vaccinations as planned.


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