Vaccination of people protected with new Covid-19 variants, study shows

Two teams tested two new variants against blood taken from those who had received a full two-course dose of the Modern or Pfizer vaccine.

While mutations in new variants of the virus – one first seen in Britain, and the other first identified in South Africa – allowed them to escape some immunity induced by vaccination, it was far from complete exodus, with two teams Reported separately.

Dr. of Rockefeller University A team led by Michele Nussenzweig tested plasma taken from 20 people who received two doses of Pfizer / BioNotech or Modern Vaccine as part of a clinical trial.

They found that vaccines produce strong antibody responses, as well as cells that continue to produce new antibodies for months or years. “We measured their antibody responses to wild-type viruses. Then we took their plasmas and measured them against variants,” Nussenzwig told CNN.

The wild-type virus is usually the catal name for a roam virus that has not been changed enough to specify it as a variant.

Different mutations in the virus allowed certain types of antibodies to escape, but the body of volunteers threw an army of different types of antibodies at the virus, the team reported in a pre-print study – not peer review Done – published online.

“When you start putting all these mixtures of antibodies together, what does it mean that together they can take care of the variants,” Nussenzwig said. Even though their impact was minimal, the response was so high overall that it didn’t matter, he said.

“What we really want to do with these vaccines is people are kept out of the hospital. They are very likely to do that, whatever it may be,” Nussenzwig said.

Eventually, the vaccines must be updated – but new mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna can be replaced very quickly. “Should vaccines be tweaked?” He asked. “Maybe – but that doesn’t mean they won’t be effective.”

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Separately, Ugur Sahin, who helped Pfizer make the invention in the manufacture and distribution of bioentech vaccines, was first seen in the UK, 1.1. Vaccine your vaccine against var variant. The team “wrote in a pre-print report,” finding no biologically significant difference in neutral activity. But he said it would be “prudent” to start the vaccine work, just in case.

“More data are needed to monitor the effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNotech COVID-19 vaccine to prevent COVID-19 due to new virus variants,” the companies said in a joint statement.

“As of now, for COVID-19 vaccines it has not been established whether a decrease in neutrality may indicate a need for a vaccine strain change. A vaccine strain change should be needed to address virus variants in the future, The companies believe that Flexibility BioNTech’s proprietary mRNA vaccine platform is suitable to enable such adjustments. ”

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Both the Morden and Pfizer vaccines are designed to be adjusted quickly and easily.

The coronavirus is mutated continuously like many other viruses. Compared to influenza, the change is slowed and does not affect the severity of the disease due to infection.

But at least two variants – one first seen in Britain and known as B.1.1.7 and another first seen in South Africa and known as B.1.351 – Makes the virus more contagious.

Scientists are racing to see if the virus changes will become susceptible to available treatments and vaccines.

Earlier this week, Penny Moore, Associate Professor at the National Institute for Communicable Diseases in South Africa, published another pre-print study that reported that people who have recovered from the wild-type coronavirus infection have been exposed to B.1.135 May be slightly more sensitive to.

They tested antibody-enriched blood serum of 44 people who survived coronovirus infection before September. Half the people gave a response, which could not be expected that they would fight the variant.

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Nussenzweig said that is not surprising.

“A small difference in plasma neutralizing activity is something that we should pay attention to, but it doesn’t cause alarm,” he said.

“There is a lot of diversity in the responses that people are getting,” he said. “You don’t have to be immunodeficient and you still can’t create a great response to this virus. People’s immune systems are as diverse as any human trait – for example, beauty, intelligence, hair color, How tall are you The immune system is no different. ”

Nussenzweig said that his team’s experiments indicated that it may be a weakened immune response that is helping to give rise to coronavirus variants. The longer someone is infected, the more likely it is that the virus can infect it.

“Antibodies can select for these variants,” he said.

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If a microbe is not completely prevented from an immune response, the adaptations that best resist the immune response will be those that survive.

“If people make a suboptimal response, they can start opting for these variants,” Nussenzwig said.

That’s why scientists are saying that it is important to get as many people vaccinated as soon as possible, so that the virus stops circulating and thus the mutation stops.

Nussenzweig stated that his experiments indicate that the immune response induced by vaccination is several times more extensive and stronger than that required to control the virus.


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