Utah soldier lost his job by accusing him of drawing wrong pictures

A police officer accused of showing explicit images of a University of Utah student while investigating an extortion case filed before his 2018 death in which he lost his job.

Authorities said Friday that Salt Lake City – a police officer accused of showing explicit images of students at the University of Utah while investigating an extortion case filed before the 2018 death.

The employment of Officer Miguel Deres with the Logan City Police Department became effective immediately after an internal review of an investigation released by the state’s Department of Public Safety, Chief Gary Jensen said in a statement. The investigation concluded that Deres “misconstrued sensitive evidence” related to the case of 21-year-old Lauren McCliskey while he was serving in the university’s police department.

“The findings in the DPS report are inconsistent with the high expectations and standards the community and our department impose on our officers,” Jensen said.

The investigation, released on Wednesday, found that a group of university officials made inappropriate comments about McCluskey’s explicit photos before he was shot and killed by a man he killed shortly before Was.

His death has shaken the institution and raised serious questions about how it has handled his repeated reports that he was harassing her before his death, with images of him lashing out at her Was also included, which he sent to her when she joined.

A lawyer for Darus previously denied bragging about the photos. He showed it to her during a regular briefing, but only to ask how they should be handled and stored and did not make inappropriate remarks, his lawyer Jeremy Jones said.

“From the memory of my client, he never participated in it. He showed the photos at the briefing. At no point did he ‘smoke and joke’ about the photos.

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