Utah reports 562 new COVID-19 cases as the rate of positive tests rises sharply

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State health officials said positive COVID-19 test results in Utah rose sharply on Tuesday, reaching an all-time high – not testing many infected people.

Statewide, Utah’s rate of positive tests has been above 5% since May 25, according to data from the Utah Department of Health (UDOH). The previous high was 10.57 percent on 19 July.

With 562 new coronovirus cases reported on Tuesday, Utah’s rate of new diagnoses remained above the governor’s goal of fewer than 400 cases per day.

For the past seven days, Utah has declared 521 new positive test results per day. The government, Gary Herbert, said it wanted the state to come down to 400 new cases per day. 1, a goal Utah met in mid-August but surpassed again this month.

The virus continued to spread rapidly in Utah County, which recorded 198 new cases on Tuesday – the most of any county in the state. For the past seven days, an average of 32 new cases per 100,000 people were reported in Utah County, compared to an average county of 16 statewide and 16-year salts.

The increase is centered around Provo, home to Brigham Young University. Provo has averaged over 70 new daily cases per 100,000 inhabitants; State health officials have said the county’s recent new cases include young adults in college. According to county data, Highland and Mapleton also reported sharp increases in the past week. Utah County is at the “yellow,” or inferior restriction, level; Provo is under a mask order.

new Cases have also increased rapidly in northern Utah’s Bear River Health District, including Utah State University. The school has registered 143 new cases, which have started since yesterday. Its seven-day average for new cases has more than doubled in less than two weeks, from Tuesday to 14 at six per 100,000 septon 2 per day.

Utah died of coronovirus at 436 on Tuesday, the same as Monday.

UDOH reported that 128 Utah patients were concurrently hospitalized. For the past week, an average of 124 patients in Utah hospitals have been receiving treatment every day – less than the average of 211 patients hospitalized each day in late July.

In total, from Monday to 23, 3,361 patients have been hospitalized in Utah for COVID-19.

3,930 new test results were revealed on Tuesday, below the week’s average of 4,324 new tests per week. The test demand has been down significantly since mid-July, when the state was reporting an average of more than 7,000 new test results per day.

Since public schools began opening on 13 August, there have been 47 outbreaks in schools, affecting 245 patients, with two new outbreaks and 30 new cases in the past.

Since the onset of the epidemic, 290 patients have been infected in 58 school outbreaks, with 16 years of age. Nine of those patients are hospitalized; No one has died.

Of the 59,000 Uterons who tested positive for COVID-19, 49,327 are considered “recovered” – that is, they have survived for at least three weeks after being diagnosed.