Utah mink becomes America’s first wild animal to test positive for coronovirus

Officials said Monday that a wild mink caught in Utah tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first wild animal in the US.

Reuters reported that a notice from the Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicated that a “free-range, wild mink” that later tested positive for coronovirus was caught near a mink farm in Utah that contained a population among residents There have been cases of viruses. . USDA officials are conducting tests near the fields to confirm whether the infection can spread to nearby wildlife.

“To our knowledge, this has been confirmed with 1 free-free, native wild animal SARS-CoV-2,” USDA reportedly said, adding that the World Animal Health Organization was informed of the discovery.

More than 15,000 agricultural minks have died in the US so far this year, and the species has been targeted by European authorities over similar concerns.

Denmark alone killed more than 17 million minks causing concern that the animal was contracting the virus from humans, causing people to undergo mutations before it could overpower. The country’s agriculture minister stepped in as a result of criticism over Khatia, in which in some cases mink carcasses were improperly buried in mass graves that were later exposed.

COVID-19 cases in the US are still increasing as the first dose of a vaccine became available this week; More than 16 million infections have occurred since the epidemic began in the US and more than 300,000 people have died.


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