Utah Man Wins ESPN March Madness Group Challenge

LEHI, Utah – The NCAA men’s tournament was a roller coaster of emotions for many people, but perhaps no one else was a lucky man from Utah.

Chris Jacobsen, a dentist in Lehi, beat more than 14 million people and took the winning spot in ESPN’s 2021 Challenge Tournament.

Jacobsen said there was a bit of strategy, but mostly luck when he completed his near-perfect March Madness group.

After the second round, Jacobsen (whose username for the competition is “chrizzlybear”) noted that he was in 400th place.

But from that point on, not a single winner was lost.

The Final Four thriller on Saturday night between Gonzaga, the number 1 and the 11thThe UCLA seed underdog, however, was quite annoying for Jacobsen.

“UCLA did that drawback from the draw and I said, ‘I can’t take double overtime. I can’t take twice as much overtime mentally or physically! ‘”, He said. “So Suggs drives, takes that unlikely shot, and my wife and I look at each other with wide eyes. I screamed a little and she reminded me that our one-year-old was asleep. “

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The feeling was surreal.

“I’m not kidding, I was stunned,” he laughed. “And it’s like, ‘Why am I worrying so much?’ I was, like, re-evaluating my life, why am I worrying so much? “

Jacobsen’s premonitions were so near perfect that his prediction for the final score of the championship game was just eight points.

Although he was the clear winner, he is not guaranteed a prize. Instead, you’ll be entered into a drawing along with the rest of the top 1% group owners for a single grand prize – an all-inclusive trip for two to Hawaii for the 2021 Maui Jim Maui Invitational basketball tournament, as well as $ 10,000 in Amazon Gift Cards.

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