Utah coronavirus case number reaches 656 on Friday

Coronavirus cases occurred Friday in Utah, with 656 new infections, the Utah Department reported.

Health officials said the increase could be due to Monday’s Labor Day holiday and reports of delays due to Tuesday’s windstorm in northern Utah.

“The largest daily increase since late July, we have told the present day caseload growth. We are watching the numbers closely, and want to reiterate, as we have during this response, that one day of data does not necessarily indicate a trend, “the state’s epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn said in a news release said.

“… due to the windstorm many test locations were closed on Monday for Labor Day and Tuesday. It is possible that those who have been tested on Monday and Tuesday will be tested later in the week. Waited until leaving, resulting in an increase in the number of positive cases identified today. “

For the past seven days, Utah has averaged 403 new positive test results per day, the Health Department said, noting that last Friday’s 409-case average is lower than that. Gary Herbert said he wanted the state to come down to 400 new cases per day on average, a goal found in central Utah on August 1, but surpassed again last week.

Utah died of coronavirus on Friday at 431, with a fatal incident recorded after Thursday – a Salt Lake County man over 85 years old who was not hospitalized when he died.

UDOH reported that 123 Utah patients were admitted to the hospital on Friday. On average, 119 patients have been receiving treatment in Utah hospitals for the past week – well below the peak average of 211 patients admitted to hospital every day in late July.

In total, 3,288 patients have been hospitalized in Utah for COVID-19 from Thursday to 15.

Statewide, Utah’s rate of positive tests has been above 5% since May 25, according to UDOH data.

On Friday, 4,041 new test results arrived, equivalent to the week’s average of 4,013 new tests per week. Testing demand has been declining for the past one week and has remained significantly below mid-July, when the state was reporting more than 7,000 new test results per day on average.

Since public schools began opening on 13 August, there have been 34 outbreaks in schools, affecting 156 patients, with five new outbreaks and eight new cases in the past.

Since the onset of the epidemic, 201 out of 45 school outbreaks have infected patients, with a mean age of 17 years. Nine of those patients are hospitalized; No one has died.

Of the 56,675 Utahs who tested positive for COVID-19, 48,021 are considered “recovered” – that is, they have survived at least three weeks after being diagnosed.