Utah activists who filmed the fatal Capitol shooting

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A Utah activist filming the fatal shooting of a Trump supporter during a rebellion in the US Capitol will be pronounced on Friday.

26-year-old John Sullivan, a self-described journalist and liberal activist, was arrested on Thursday and charged with civil disorder, violent entry or disorderly conduct and entering a restricted building or ground.

He made his initial court appearance on Friday via video conference, where he was released on several terms of release if he did not go to work, religious services or appeared in court.

Assistant United States Attorney Brian Reeves also requested Sullivan not to have access to social media, saying that his Internet access should be monitored to limit his ability to incite violence.

“We understand that it thrives in personal chaos,” Reeves said. “She thrives in provoking anarchy. He will use it in the guise of protest to create chaos. He will pose as various members of organizations that have also destroyed him, so that he can generate this self-attention.” . “

Mary Corporan, Sullivan’s attorney, agreed with the request until she stopped her client from finding employment.

Sullivan is prohibited from possessing any firearms, ammunition or other dangerous weapons and must not possess any narcotic drugs or controlled substances. He is also not allowed to leave the state and will have to renounce his passport.

He is expected to appear in his next virtual courtroom on 22 January.

According to the arrest documents, Sullivan released footage to the FBI, showing him entering the Capitol on January 6 and walking into the building. According to court documents, his footage also included video when San Diego Air Force veteran Ashlee Babbitt was shot by the Capitol Police.

In one video, Sullivan can be heard cheering on the crowd as they broke through the final barricade before the Capitol, saying: “We did this together … We’re all part of history.”

According to an affidavit, in at least two encounters, Sullivan can be heard asking officers to stand up so that they are not hurt and “people have spoken”.

He told The Associated Press earlier this week that he was only there to document the events of the US Capitol and did not join the riots as a Trump supporter.

Sullivan was also charged with rioting and criminal mischief following a June protest in Provo on 13 July, which resulted in an SUV driver being shot while driving through two opposing groups. The case is pending.


Apolito is a corps member for the Associated Press / Report for the Statehouse News Initiative of America. Report for America is a non-profit national service program that puts journalists in local newspapers to report on undercover issues.


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