UT Health SA doctor says Pfizer vaccine inch closer to approval

San Antonio – Texas is one of several states in the US witnessing another coronavirus boom; However, with the latest vaccine news, there is a kind of cautious optimism in the air.

Dr. Robert Leverance, along with UT Health San Antonio, joined Leading SA on Sunday to discuss the vaccine’s timetable and what we can expect to see during the holidays this year.

“Surprisingly, we’re on our way in the San Antonio area early next month, a few weeks from now, which hey, if this is approved and is proving effective, you know “Overcoming this deadly virus,” said Dr. Leverns.

According to a recent Associated Press report, Pfizer Inc. The vaccine has been reported to be 90% effective, based on preliminary and incomplete test results. The company has estimated that it may have 50 million doses available globally by the end of this year.

Dr. Leverns said that for Almo City, it could be one of those cities that start receiving the vaccine sooner rather than later.

“Each state will get a vaccine share based on its Kovid-19 rates. And then I have to imagine that each city would get a cut in that part based on a similar formula. So this is how it will come down. So, if we get supplies within the next few weeks, they will definitely be limited. And so they are definitely going towards health care workers and those who are most vulnerable, you know, nursing homes or those who are immune to chronic conditions. It probably won’t happen until you know, well into the new year and spring, perhaps in summer everyone who needs vaccinations will be vaccinated, ”Dr. Leverance said.

Pfizer’s vaccine is not the only one going forward. Dr. Leverns said there are five or six other vaccines that are also in all phase three trials.

“The FDA has this category of Emergency Use Authorities, which is a smooth process. And so it could happen in the next few weeks. So we are anticipating a very quick passing. But again, safety is absolutely critical and I think that is what is happening upon approval of this particular vaccine. Now, the good thing is that there are all five or six other vaccines in phase three trials just behind Pfizer. So we should look at the data on those vaccines as well. And so, once again, we are optimistic. For the first time, we are seeing a positive glimpse of hope in relation to this epidemic, ”Dr. Leverance said.

But as long as there is a vaccine that is widely distributed, we are facing another deadly and dangerous boom.

“Texas is having a tough time just like the rest of the country. You know, for a pandemic like this, it is a cisso pattern. And so, we are moving towards just another shikha… On the other hand, however, clearly the seriousness of these forests has mostly been linked to house gatherings and public ceremonies. So once again, our behavior is definitely playing a role in this, ”Dr. Leverns said.

On passing with thanks, Drs. Leverns said that if you are attending a meeting, it is better to be safe than sorry.

“Wearing masks when you’re not eating, you know, sitting or standing six feet apart.” If you are weak, elderly, you have a chronic disease, it is best not to attend that gathering. So this is the message that we are arriving this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, ”Dr. Leverns said.

You can play dr in the video player above. Watch the full interview with Leverns.

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