USPS worker arrested on Canada border with unannounced ballots

An upstream USPS employee was arrested on Tuesday crossing the US-Canada border with hundreds of envelopes and other unchanged mail, including several ineligible ballots.

According to Buffalo News, the Buffalo mailman, who was caught with more than 800 pieces inside the trunk, was said to have ended up on a bridge between the US and its neighbor, Buffalo News reported.

Customs and Border Protection found a huge bin of mail containing multiple zip codes in the vehicle. Three absentee ballots were reported from the Irie County Board of Elections, officials told the newspaper.

Wilson told CBP agents that he was in the wrong lane while traveling on Interstate 190 and accidentally fell on the bridge. When pressed, Wilson claimed the mail was for his mother, although he was unable to explain why the names of the packages did not match.

Wilson later admitted in an interview with the Postal Service Office of the Inspector General that he was taking mail from his delivery route and putting it in his car.

Special Agent Brendan M. Boon wrote, “Beginning in September 2020, Wilson estimated that he sent mail from his delivery routes to the trunk of his vehicle to return from the post office in more than four but fewer than 10 instances.” a report.

Wilson intended to reduce the amount of mail in the trunk of his vehicle by placing a small quantity of mail in the USPS missart container the morning before his shift began. Wilson resent the mailing in the mail stream this way, about three weeks ago [to] Date of interview. “

Wilson denied knowing that he was in possession of three absentee ballots – which have become a focal point in the controversial 2020 presidential election.

He has been charged with delaying or destroying mail according to court documents. He faces five years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine if found guilty.


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