USC, UCLA gets OK from county as Pac-12 efforts for 2020 will be early return, as reported in late October

The Pac-12 announced on August 11 that it would consider returning to the game after the calendar flopped by 2021. However, a series of events from last week and again this Wednesday opened the door for the league to return to the field to join the Big Ten. earlier than expected.

Leaders in California and Oregon on Wednesday moved to ease state health restrictions that prevented six of the league’s 12 teams from practicing. Heather Dinich of ESPN, citing a source reported that The Pac-12 could return to play by the end of October if county officials in place of each event relaxed restrictions to allow teams to practice.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports is hearing from Pac-12 sources that early November is the date for the league to receive more. However, attempts will be made by the end of October, given the firm date for the final College Football Playoff rankings of the season on 20 October.

The Pac-12 will likely coincide with the Big Ten in late October, announcing on Wednesday that it will begin its football season over the weekend of October 24.

Despite being the first Power Five league to announce plans for a daily rapid COVID-19 test, the Pac-12 has faced more obstacles to play than its Power Five peers. Some of them began to fall on Wednesday as the governors of California and Oregon made statements that the programs of both states would be cleared.

Some programs also require local health clearances, and two in the same county were received late Wednesday as USC Athletic Director Mike Bohan and UCLA Athletic Director Martin Germond spoke to Los Angeles County health officials and were encouraged That they will be able to practice. The Pac-12 scheduled a return to play, according to John Wilner San jose mercury news.

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott issued a statement Wednesday saying the league had welcomed the statement, paving the way for California and Oregon’s governors’ liaison exercises. Scott also suggested that universities would increasingly reach local health officials.

“We are keen for our student-athletes to have the opportunity to play this season, as it may safely and in accordance with the approval of the Public Health Authority,” Scott said.

If the Pac-12 gets the necessary clearance to start practice in time for the football season to begin in late October, it could restore a sense of normalcy to the 2020 college football slate as it It had initially appeared that only three of the Power Five conferences would take place. Are playing this fall.

The 14-team Big Ten fit into eight regular-season games before holding their conference title game (and six other consolation games) on December 19. The Pac-12 has two fewer members and could fit in eight games if it starts October. 24 or seven games if it starts on 31 October.