US will not join WHO global efforts to find COVID-19 vaccine

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration said on Tuesday that it would not work with an international cooperative effort to develop and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, as it does not want to be constrained by multilateral groups such as the World Health Organization.
The decision to go it alone, first reported by the Washington Post, followed a White House decision in early July to pull the United States out of the WHO. Trump claims the WHO needs reform and is heavily influenced by China.

Some countries have worked directly to secure supplies of the vaccine, but others are trying to ensure success against a disease that has no geographic boundaries. More than 150 countries are establishing the COVID-19 vaccine Global Access Facility or COVAX.
This cooperative effort, linked with the WHO, will allow nations to leverage their portfolio of potential vaccines to ensure that their citizens are covered effectively. The WHO states that governments that deal with individual vaccine manufacturers will also benefit from joining COVAX because it will provide backup vaccines in case they are done through bilateral deals with the manufacturers.

White House spokesman Jude Deere said, “The United States will ensure its international allies continue to defeat the virus, but we will not be constrained by the corrupt World Health Organization and multilateral organizations affected by China.” “This president will spare no expense to ensure that a new vaccine maintains our own Food and Drug Administration’s gold standard for safety and efficacy, has been thoroughly tested and saves lives.”
Representative Amy Berra, D-California, said the administration’s decision was trivial and would hinder the fight to end the epidemic.
Medical assistant Doctor Berra tweeted, “Joining Kovacs is a simple solution to guarantee US access to the vaccine.” This approach of going alone leaves the US in danger of not getting the vaccine. ”
The administration’s decision, along with America’s withdrawal from the WHO, means the US is supporting America’s global leadership in fighting the epidemic in a campaign, co-advocates for Bono of the Rock Band, director of North America in The One Campaign Co-founder of the organization. U 2.
“Not only has the move endangered the lives of millions of people around the world, it could completely alienate Americans from an effective vaccine against COVID-19,” Hart said.
Of the dozens of experimental COVID-19 vaccines in human testing, a handful have reached the final and greatest obstacle – all that is needed is to actually work.
AstraZeneca Ezn,
It was announced on Monday that its vaccine candidate had entered the final testing phase in Cambridge, the US-based company that said the study would include 30,000 adults from different racial, ethnic and geographic groups.
Two other vaccine candidates began their final tests this summer, with thousands of US One National Institutes of Health and Modern Inc. Was produced by mRNA.
, And Pfizer Inc. Others developed by PFE,
And Germany’s Biotech BNTX,