US urges Pakistan to take action after allegations of blasphemy in US court

Islamabad / Pakistan, Pakistan – The United States has urged Pakistan to take action on the murder of a US citizen in a crowded court room as he faced trial for blasphemy.

Tahir Ahmed Naseem was shot several times on Wednesday, along with being seen in the northwestern city of Peshawar.

The US State Department said, “We urge Pakistan to take immediate action and pursue reforms to prevent such a shameful tragedy.” Said in a tweet.

According to officials, Naseem’s protest began in front of the judge, a young man in the room took out a handgun and shot him in the head, officials and witnesses said. The young man was arrested on the spot.

On Thursday, supporters of a radical Islamic group called a suspicious rally in Peshawar demanding the release of the suspected shooter, saying he had defended his religion.

After the murder, the video was captured and shared on social media, showing Naseem falling on a chair near the judge’s bench as the other prisoners, some with blood-stained clothes, were taken from the room Were.

Latif Afridi, the head of the Peshawar High Court Bar Association, told Reuters, “The young man who was shot, had no regrets, and had seen Prophet Muhammad in a dream at night.”

Afridi questioned how the man managed to bring a gun to court, as all visitors are well tested at three different points.

“It is possible that there is someone who can go without investigation, perhaps by a police officer or a lawyer, handing the shooter over after firing a gun,” he said.

According to the charge sheet against Naseem seen by Reuters, the American was in contact with a student at an Islamic school in Pakistan on Facebook and described him as a God-sent messiah.

Naseem later met the student in Peshawar, after which the police arrested him and charged him with a number of crimes, including insulting Prophet Muhammad, which could lead to the death penalty in Pakistan.

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