US updates China Travel Advisor on Coronavirus

The US State Department on Monday updated its travel advisory for China amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The consultant was relaxed from “Don’t Travel” to “Reconciler Travel” because China is in a “state of improvement”.

The department issued its highest “Don’t Travel” Level 4 warning in June, but announced on Monday that it was reducing it to “Level 3”.

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Amid recommendations, the CDC and the State Department urge travelers to avoid contact with sick people, animals (living or dead), meat markets, animal markets and uncooked meat. Passengers should also wash their hands frequently (especially for 20 seconds with soap and water) and use alcohol-based sanitizers if water is not immediately available. Additional guidelines can be found on the websites of the State Department and the CDC.

The State Department continues to recommend that US citizens exercise caution when traveling abroad due to the unpredictable nature of the epidemic. (Click here for a complete list of recent updates to visit.)

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