US threatens to destroy Iranian missiles sent to Venezuela

Special: The United States is warning that it will destroy potential Iranian long-range missile shipments to Venezuela to the Maduro regime, a senior administration official told Fox News.

“The transfer of long-range missiles from Iran to Venezuela is not acceptable to the United States and will not be tolerated or permitted,” said Elliott Abrams, Special Representative for Iran and Venezuela’s State Department.

A senior administration official said, “We will make every effort to stop the shipment of long-range missiles and if they somehow find Venezuela they will be scrapped.”

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Authorities did not provide any information that such shipments were imminent. They only claimed that Iran and Venezuela were a possible pair for the arms deal.

Abrams said, “Iran has announced its intention to engage in arms sales, and Venezuela is a clear target, as those two Paria regimes already have a relationship.” “Venezuela is paying in gold to buy gasoline from Iran, and the country has an Iranian presence. Venezuela’s economy collapses, so gold for Iran is worth tens of thousands of dollars each time that people in Venezuela dine. And needed for therapy. ”

Last week, the United Nations ended the purchase and sale of conventional weapons on Iran. The Trump administration unsuccessfully tried to convince the UN Security Council.

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“Iran has sent missiles to the Houthis, so we know they are ready, ready, and able to ship them to Venezuela and other potential buyers,” the administration official said. “Every distribution of Iranian weapons destabilizes South America and the Caribbean, and is especially dangerous to Venezuela’s neighbors in Brazil, Colombia and Guyana.”

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