US supports Taiwan after sending Chinese warplanes

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said China on Saturday sent eight bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons and four fighter jets to its air defense detection area southwest of the island. The ministry said that China sent 16 military aircraft of various types to the same area on Sunday.

The ministry said Taiwan responded by washing fighter jets, broadcasting radio warnings and “deploying air defense missile systems to monitor activity”.

There were no Chinese comments on Sunday.

The overflight was part of a long-standing practice aimed at pressuring President Tsai Ing-wen’s government, which accepted Beijing’s demand that it consider Taiwan a part of Chinese territory.

He comes on the heels of the inauguration of President Joe Biden, discussing the divisive issues between the parties, including human rights, trade disputes and, most recently, the coronovirus epidemic, emphasizing the island’s permanent status. Questions about China’s initial response to.

Biden’s administration has shown little signs of easing pressure on China on such issues, though it is seen as favoring a return to more civil dialogue.

The State Department statement said on Saturday that Washington would further deepen relations with Taiwan and ensure its defense from Chinese threats while supporting peaceful resolution of issues between the sides.

In another sign of support for Taiwan, the island’s de facto ambassador to Washington, Hsiao Be-khim, was an invited guest at Biden’s inauguration.

And in a final swipe at China, the outgoing United Nations ambassador to the Trump administration tweeted that it was time for the world to oppose China’s efforts to isolate and isolate Taiwan, sharply criticizing Beijing.

Ambassador Kelly Craft has banned the island with a tweet with a photo of herself in the United Nations General Assembly Hall. She carried a handbag with a beggar Taiwanese bear sticking with a top, the representative of Taiwan in New York, Ambassador Washington.

Taiwan and China split between the civil war in 1949, and China says it is determined to bring the island under its control by force if necessary. The US changed diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing in 1979, but is legally required to defend Taiwan and has strong bipartisan support in the autonomous Democratic island of Washington.

Tsai has sought to step up the island’s defenses with the purchase of billions of dollars in US weapons, including advanced F-16 fighter jets, armed drones, rocket systems, and harpoon missiles capable of hitting both ships and land targets . It has also increased support for Taiwan’s indigenous weapons industry, including launching a program to build new submarines to counter China’s growing naval capabilities.

China’s increased threats have little bearing financially and politically, making it a game of war and sending fighter jets and reconnaissance planes to the island of about 24 million people on an almost daily basis.

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