US Plug-In Electric Car Sales Charted: April 2019


Sales of plug-in electric cars in the US UU They increased slightly this past month, as some new models appeared on the list (Audi e-tron and Kia Niro EV).

The InsideEVs data shows 21,255 sales (confirmed or estimated), which is more than Increase of 8% compared to April 2018. Market share also improved from 1.45% a year ago to 1.6% now.

The gains are not large, but it is difficult to increase when a single player (Tesla) is doubling its sales, while many other manufacturers notice a significant decrease.

About 72% of total sales fall in fully electric cars.

Sales of plug-in cars from the USA UU – April 2019

According to historical data, May should be similar to April.

Tesla Model 3, with an estimate 10,050 Sales continue to be the best-selling model in the US. UU., But as you can see below, two more easy There are months of growth. Starting in July, we will refer to really high sales volumes, while Model 3 will have only a federal tax credit of $ 1,875.

the Letter from LOL I was not disappointed and once again demonstrates the extraordinary growth rate of Model 3, compared to other top-selling add-ons.

A change in theTop 10 chart for the year: the Toyota Prius Prime is now the second, ahead of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, but in general, all models are now so far behind the lone leader that they should be combined to be comparable.

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