US plan to pull troops from Germany criticizes lawmakers on both sides

Congress lawmakers on Wednesday have insisted against Defense Secretary Mark Osho’s announcement that the US would withdraw 12,000 American soldiers from long-time Allied Germany.

In a move encouraged by President Trump, who has repeatedly said that NATO members are “criminals” in their defense bills, Arizona said it was time to “discredit” US forces in Europe.

Gripp stressed that the policy is a move “that would strengthen NATO,” [and] Russia’s loyalty increased. “

“As anyone can see, the reintegration of our forces into Europe constitutes a major strategic and positive shift, consistent with the NDS, and other adjustments made by the United States within NATO in the past is”.

The US announced that 12,000 trophies could be sourced from Germany.

Arizona’s comments differed from those of the president based on the rationale behind the policy change.

“We are reducing the force because they are not paying their bills. It is very simple, ”Trump told reporters on Wednesday. “They are criminals.”

Even now, this is a misinterpretation on how NATO allies contribute to defense spending, critics say.

NATO nations pledge that by 2024 they will dedicate two percent of their GDP to defense, and in 2019 Germany amassed one and a half percent – although they still have four more years to fulfill the pledge.

The 2019 defense expenditure figures show that only eight of NATO’s 30 members have met at the two percent threshold – a figure agreed to by NATO nations in 2006.

Both Republican and Democratic members of Congress voiced their frustration of military innings as costly and irresponsible.

Germany, Germany’s plans as major target for Russia, report released

“US troops are not deployed worldwide as traffic police or welfare caseworkers – they are preventing the purpose of expanding the world’s worst regimes, mainly China and Russia,” Sen. Ben Saas, R- Nib Said on Wednesday.

“The President’s lack of strategic understanding of the issue increases our response time and hinders the significant preventive work of our soldiers and women.”

Epsar said the cost of reproduction for thousands of families and women, as well as their families, would be in the “single-digit” billion-dollar range.

“Maintaining a forward presence is cheaper for our taxpayers and safer for our soldiers,” Sasse said. “Speaker Xi and Vladimir Putin are careless – and this withdrawal will only embrace them.”

“We should lead our allies against China and Russia, not leave them. The return is weak, ”he said.

The Pentagon has argued that the move allows more troops to be deployed in Poland, a tactic that keeps troops closer to Russia and a move that Warsaw has long sought.

“While some proposed moves clearly have merit, other aspects – such as an arbitrary threshold for the number of troops deployed in certain countries – remain troubled,” Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, ranking member of House Army Services. Committee. “It is essential that we consult closely with our NATO allies on any changes.”

However, said that Congress was informed and that any further measures going forward would be in coordination with Congress, House Armed Services President Adam Smith, D-Wash., Said lawmakers would not be informed until after the fact it was done.

“The plan was not consulted with US allies or with military services, but was reported to all parties, including Congress,” Smith said Wednesday.

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Sen. Jack Reid, D-RI, followed Arizona in stating that it is his job to stand up to the president to protect security interests.

“This type of move Secretary Mattis was able to take in the past, but this administration seems to be settling under the pressure of the epidemic,” he said.

About 4,500 service members will return to the US while the remaining 5,600 members will be scattered throughout the UK, Italy, Belgium, Poland and the Black Sea region.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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