US officials urge calm on New Kovid-19 strain Abroad –

US officials urge calm on New Kovid-19 strain Abroad

After a new strain of Kovid-19 was identified in Britain, authorities across the US urged calm and continued caution.

Researchers from the UK estimate that variants may be up to 70% more permeable than more established strains. Some changes in the spike protein on the surface of the virus probably make it easier to enter and enter human cells. Scientists believe that it is fatal any more.

The new strain was first found in England in September and was identified last week. The European Centers for Disease Control said on Sunday that there have been some cases of new strains in Denmark, the Netherlands and possibly Belgium. Scientists said a similar mutation has been reported in South Africa.

Manos Saloui, chief science adviser at Operation Tana Speed, the US government’s coronovirus response program, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” that health officials don’t know that there is already new tension in the US, but they look closely There it is.

They stated that viruses are mutated repeatedly and RNA viruses such as coronaviruses are particularly susceptible to changes. However, the protein cannot mutate too much, so mutations are unlikely to affect the efficacy of vaccines.


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